Complete 2021 Summer Program Package:      
$300.00 per Vaulter
 (Includes:  practice schedule which will adapt to prepare for event opportunities as they come up in the upcoming  months)
Optional Summer Group Practice Rates  $20.00 per vaulter per practice session
Private lessons   $80.00 per vaulter approx 1.5 hour session 

2021 Summer Program 

The summer package will cost $300 for the summer (or $20 per lesson/meet).  It will include coaching at practices and at meets.  It does not include meet fees.  Practices are Mondays and Wednesdays with some Saturdays.  Summer session will run May 17th – early August.


Some things to keep in mind…


·         Summer meets will require registration by the parents.  The costs are usually around $50/vaulter.  Some registrations close early due to being full so once you know what meets you are able to attend please get your vaulter registered. 


·         Summer meets are going to be much harder (and sometimes impossible) on vaulters to share poles.  Vaulters are grouped by PR and not necessarily age.  Most meets run several pits at the same time.

2021 Summer Meet Scehdule 

Meet schedule:


Saturday, June 5:  Bay Area


Saturday, June 19:   Port Aransas Beach Vault


June 30 – July 3:  Regional Qualifier


Saturday, July 24:  Mac Vault


July 30 – August 7:  Jr Olympics in Houston (if your vaulter qualifies at region)

Group vault practice includes:

-  warm up

-  strength training

-  sprint training

-  ground drills

-  bar drills

-  tramp training

-  short run mat drills

-  full vault runs  


Practice length is 1:30 min up to 2 hours

Rain or Shine day or night!   We have indoor training available as well!